here's what just a few of the women who have worked with me have to say:

"My life has changed significantly"

"When I decided to seek help from Mollie, I had been off work with depression and anxiety for four months and although I had been undertaking weekly therapy sessions for that entire time, I did not think that I was progressing and saw no path as to how I could get better.

Working with Mollie is like unlocking the power of your own mind within a safe environment and being given the right tools to actually change your life. 
I experienced a huge release of emotions through the techniques that Mollie uses, and my life has changed significantly in such a short time period.

I am newly motivated to change my life and I am now studying to become a therapist, something I have wanted to do for decades. I am also losing weight. 
I am now happy with my life and who I am. I am worthy and good enough.    Only wish I could have known about the methods she uses and met Mollie sooner.

If you are considering working with Mollie, go for it. You won’t regret it.

I recommend working with Mollie if you feel stuck, like you can’t move forward, or if you’re constantly repeating the same patterns."


- Lindsay W., England

"It feels so amazing to have clarity"


"Mollie really helped me gain clarity on which direction to look to in terms of my business purpose... as I became more clear on what I went through as a child, and the amazing opportunities it gifted me now in my present life to help others who struggled with similar experiences. It feels so amazing to have more clarity and she really helped illuminate for me that my past has a purpose and also empower me to stand strong within it. I now use what I’ve learned to help others move through their pain and use it for good in their own lives!"

- Camille O., California

"My anxiety has diminished"

"When I started working with Mollie, I was frustrated that I didn't have free time to make progress on my business goals. I felt compelled to work ridiculous hours to ensure the security of a stable 9-5 income. As a result, I felt anxious, overwhelmed, tired, and not able to make progress on anything important to me.
Getting to the root of my problems with Mollie's method has been eye-opening. My anxiety has since diminished, I no longer feel guilty for working on my own business goals, and I’m happy to have time for activities that bring me joy.
I’m sleeping better and feel much more at ease about whatever is next!
If you’re thinking of working with Mollie, there should be no hesitation. You will 100% make progress on getting to the root of what’s causing your challenges."


- Caroline B., New York

"I feel liberated, blissful, and excited"


"I felt mentally stuck and was having trouble thinking clearly when it came to my coaching business. It affected my entire business activity and the way I behave as a coach. Instead of focusing on serving my clients powerfully, I "shrunk" and couldn't move forward.

Working with Mollie went far beyond what I thought. 

From the very first moment, Mollie tuned into my being and really got me. Her methods masterfully revealed the root cause of my blocksI had the most freeing and exhilarating experience. The shift that happened was huge - liberating, blissful, and so exciting.

What feels especially different for me is my work and what I'm creating for and with my clients.
This incessant rush and neediness to find the perfect offering (in my ego-identified head) before I do anything (with the frustration that inevitably ensues), is GONE.
Thank you so much. From the bottom of my heart.
For helping me find this path and for supporting me.
You have given me the most precious gift.

- Sandra, Germany

"I finally quit my toxic job"

Before I decided to work with Mollie, I was feeling incredibly stuck in all areas of my life but specifically in my career and my location. I felt like my life was going nowhere and that I was just going to be miserable forever. I honestly felt hopeless.

After working with Mollie, I feel a lot lighter and more motivated to tackle my issues and take on the world! I actually love myself for once, and it's an amazing feeling. I found confidence in myself and feel that I can do literally anything I want in life if I work hard and believe in myself. I feel that I'm able to connect with my partner more now that I don't have past trauma and issues weighing me down as much. I quit my toxic job after things went downhill in the past year because I deserve better! I've found my passion in life and know that I can achieve my dream.

I tried talk therapy for years but quit after realizing I wasn't benefitting from it. 

Mollie made me feel safe and understood during this process, which is something many therapists have failed to do. She has a gift of making people feel comfortable and safe. Because of Mollie, I feel that I am worthy of love and a fulfilling life, and I'm going to go get it! I feel great! It really feels like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders, and I can breathe again.

After struggling for more than a decade, I finally feel free.

If you are currently considering working with Mollie, DO IT! Don’t second guess - just do it! Working with Mollie will change your life, and I am proof of that.

The only concern I had about getting to the root of my problems was uncovering something drastic and embarrassing, but that didn’t happen.

Working with Mollie is perfect for anyone who is struggling with ANYTHING in life but especially those who are feeling stuck or lacking confidence. 

Finding out the root cause of my issues and tackling them head on using Mollie's methods was game changing. You can’t access this in normal talk therapy sessions.

Thank you, Mollie, for changing my life.
Highly recommend working with her to anyone who is struggling.

- Melinda W., Nevada

"My back pain has decreased by 80%"

"I came to Mollie after working on my issue for a very long time. I tried therapy but felt I needed a lot more.

Honestly, how I feel how I have never felt before. Like really never. It is a completely new feeling. I’m now immensely happy just because I can be… I dance around my kitchen cooking dinner! If I could, I would fly!

I feel great now, and just enormously grateful to Mollie.
I feel so free, liberated like a prisoner who is back from prison. Like a princess who has been rescued in a high tower by a handsome prince… I can’t even express enough, that feeling. It is completely new to me.

And guess what? The back pain has decreased by 80%!
Mollie did fantastic work with me. 
I am so grateful!"

Klara V Photo Testimonial.jpg

- Klara V., The Czech Republic

"I am standing in my own power now"

Dawn Newman.JPG


I can absolutely understand why it’s called Activating Bliss!

Working with Mollie, I felt a huge shift.

I’ve previously tried traditional talking therapies but I always came away feeling worse than ever having dredged up the past and then have the memories lingering in my mind until the next session when I’d have to do it all over again. Teamed with all the emotional turmoil that accompanied it. This left me feeling scarred and the belief that I was damaged with emotional baggage became imprinted.

- Dawn N., England

I held a belief that I was the problem, there was something wrong with me and I just had to learn to accept it. I was powerless to change it.

I then discovered Mollie and decided to experience working with her for the first time, having heard some very positive reviews. And I am super pleased I booked with Mollie. 

By the end of working with Mollie, I felt like a different person.
I feel liberated, empowered and most importantly I believe in myself.

It's as though Mollie has unlocked the shackles that had held me back, preventing me from living my life to the full. I'm excited for life now. My friends have commented on my new radiance and zest for life.

Mollie helped me fully understand how events from my past were still influencing me at a subconscious level. Honestly Mollie, I can’t thank you enough, you’ve given me my life back and that feels so amazing. So watch out world, because here I come!

Gone are my trust issues, my thoughts of low self worth and low self esteem, lack of hope and me questioning my own judgements. I now feel empowered and confident enough to stand up for myself because I know my own worth and value. I am standing in my own power now instead of giving it away. I am free! I just wish I’d discovered you sooner. Thank you once again Mollie for an outstanding experience. 💗🏆🤩💗"

"I've come back to my true self"

"When I began working with Mollie, I was dealing with anxiety, PTSD from a toxic job, starting a new business, and feeling "not good enough" and not confident or consistent. I’d also been terrified of having kids. I was worried that nothing would work for me because I’ve already tried so many things.

Working with Mollie has had a HUGE impact on me. I feel very I am coming back to my true self.

I am now more confident in myself and my business and within one week of working with Mollie, I signed four new clients. I follow through and take action more often. I am feeling more confident in my ability to help my clients and bring them value. My energy increased. I feel less stressed/overwhelmed. I feel I go with the flow more instead of trying to control every little thing. Also, randomly I am no longer fearful of having kids, which we did not directly work on, but that is a HUGE breakthrough for me. I've had a terror about this for at least 20 I couldn't even talk about it, watch it on TV, etc. without completely feeling sick or freaking out/breaking down crying.
It feels really amazing to finally understand the root causes for my issues. It feels freeing. I am now feeling that I am in a MUCH better place, and I know I can live up to my full potential! 

To anyone considering working with Mollie: 100% work with her!! She is so supportive and helpful in every way and really makes you feel heard and validated. She is so gifted and intuitive and will help you get to the root cause of your issue and help get you feeling better. She really knows what she is doing and has amazing insights. Honestly working with Mollie has been the best thing I have done for myself in a long time!! She gives you hope and support backed by REAL RESULTS!! Absolutely amazing :)"

- Jade G., New York

here's what some of my clients have said about working with me:

Working with Mollie was absolutely amazing.
I feel lighter. I feel full of energy. I can't stop smiling! I feel free.  

Mollie is clearly an absolute natural.

I could feel that she was using her intuition to guide the session and I felt very supported the entire time.  She didn't back down from exploring painful scenes and beliefs and it was ultimately incredibly helpful and what I really needed.

I held the painful belief that I am not worthy of life and if I am not worthy to even be here then how can I deserve anything?​ That belief is GONE. It felt like a cage and now that cage is GONE.

I feel free. I can't believe how happy I am.​ I would have never been able to put any of this together myself. I am absolutely grateful."

- Mila G., Germany