Several years ago, I felt like I had tried just about everything.

Talk therapy, medication, meditation, holistic wellness practices, diet changes, exercise routines, books on books, supplements... the list goes on. I used to suffer from debilitating anxiety, life-ruining PMDD (which was also misdiagnosed numerous times), seemingly never-ending insomnia, horrific PTSD, low self-esteem, unrelenting migraines, financial stress, and toxic relationships.


All of my issues either stemmed from my toxic jobs or were made worse by them.

The good news is, all of those issues have completely healed.
All through the power of deep subconscious work.

Prior to experiencing the healing power of subconscious work, I found myself in three different toxic work environments, all within the span of five years. I couldn't understand why I kept ending up at jobs that were destroying my mental and physical health. I saw friends and family who loved their jobs but didn't feel that was possible for me.

I discovered subconscious work and hypnosis as a healing modality while searching for treatment options for the PMDD I had been suffering from for decades.


This powerful form of hypnosis gave me so much more than freedom from PMDD (which was huge in itself!). It healed me from the inside out. It allowed me to discover my true confidence. It showed me the way to living my purpose. 


The changes instilled in me had a ripple effect through my entire life. 
I made the decision to quit my toxic job, found freedom from PMDD, discovered how much I love myself, and finally slept through the night.


Once I made the decision to quit my toxic job, I ended up being offered a much higher-ranking position at another organization. It was a leadership position with a much higher salary. Something that seemed like it was what I always wanted.


Eight weeks in, after being screamed at by my then-boss for over an hour,

I knew I had somehow ended up in a toxic job yet again.

The difference was, I finally knew my worth.

I knew what I was going to accept in my life.

And this was NOT it.

I resigned the next day and it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

If I had not healed through experiencing hypnosis and deep subconscious work, I never would have had the confidence to stand up for myself.

To put my foot down.

To say, "no, I do not accept to be treated like this." 

And as soon as I did that, it felt like the whole world opened up to me. Looking back now, I'm pretty sure that fourth and final toxic job was a test from the universe.

The ultimate "look how far you've come!" 
And the final push I needed to move into the next stage of my life.

And that next stage, is now.


I feel intrinsically called to help others who have suffered the same circumstances as I have.

To help others heal.

To help others discover how liberating it is to believe in themselves.

To help others step into their purpose, their true calling, their true selves.

I promise, you are not alone. Take this as a sign that it's time to finally heal.

  • Certified Practitioner, Rapid Transformational Therapy - The Marisa Peer School

Trained personally by Marisa Peer (the founder of Rapid Transformational Therapy!), I received exceptional education through the accredited and hands-on training program for The Marisa Peer Method and Rapid Transformational Therapy at The Marisa Peer School. I continue to have twice-monthly professional development and mentoring sessions with Marisa, which allow me to always be up to date with new information and tools. I will always be equipped to help YOU in the best possible way.

  • MA (Master of Arts, Strategic Communication) - George Washington University

Strategic communication is my jam. It’s why I am so successful in creating achievable and sustainable action plans for my clients. I will heal you through your Rapid Transformation session(s) and you will have the option to receive an additional strategic coaching session(s) where we will design together a results- oriented strategy to have you achieving everything you want!

You're also more than welcome to book strategy sessions with me whether or not you also have a Rapid Transformation session. 

  • BA (Bachelor of Arts, Communication and Social Interaction) - SUNY Oswego

I received my bachelors degree in communication, with a heavy focus on interpersonal communication and relationships. This is where I discovered my passion for studying, researching, and writing about relationships.
That very same passion is what got me here. It's the foundation that allows me to be so successful in helping you.

In addition to my above qualifications, I am also an accredited registered member of both the International Council for Psychotherapists and the International Institute for Complementary Therapists. The ICP is an association that requires evidence of training and proven knowledge, experience, and skills. The IICT is a world-wide professional association for approved therapists and practitioners in the natural therapies industry.


Rapid Transformation Sessions

The sessions begin with us discussing what you WANT. The focus is on what you want to be, what you want to feel. We spend 10-20 minutes in the beginning of your Rapid Transformation session discussing what you want and then we begin with a guided relaxation that helps clear your mind and put you into a hypnotic state. Now, if it's unfamiliar to you, "hypnotic state" just might sound a little scary or weird. It's important to understand that a hypnotic state is just a deep state of relaxation. Perhaps you've done a guided meditation or yoga nidra before. It feels just like that (If you don't know what I'm talking about or are worried about this aspect, let me know. We will work through the relaxation process with a plan that is comfortable to you). Another way to describe it is that "flow" state you get into when you're super focused on completing a project and as a result you complete it in what feels like no time at all.

The goal here is to get your mind and body relaxed so that we can easily and effortlessly go back to the root, the cause, the reason for whatever is causing you pain. You do not need to know the root cause for your pain prior to our session. In fact, even if you think you know what the root cause is, you likely don't. The fact is that most of our issues in our adult lives stem from painful beliefs that were created during childhood. Sometimes these beliefs come from big traumas, but sometimes the pain we carry today is a result of something small that happened during childhood that we subconsciously never let go of.

We revisit different scenes, events, and feelings using regression therapy methods and techniques. It might sound hard or complicated or scary, but its actually rather simple and easy. You'll be surprised at how quickly situations you've all but forgotten about spring to your mind once you are in that relaxed state. We then go on to use the tools that allow us to work together to discover what the cause of your current problem is. 

What makes this work special is that it doesn't stop there. Although massive amounts of freedom and power are found in understanding the true cause behind your problem, I then use techniques that interrupt these negative thoughts and feelings that you've been holding on to. I use those techniques to eliminate your painful feelings and re-frame your thoughts to focus on what you WANT to be and how you WANT to feel. That's the final - and most powerful - part of the session. Of course, we also discuss how you think the session went and what you're feeling at the end of your session.

After your session, I will send you a personalized recording that you absolutely MUST listen to for a minimum of thirty days. This recording ensures that your new beliefs will take root in your mind and bloom. Your Rapid Transformation session heals you but your recording is what makes sure that you stay healed and don't nose-dive back into old thought patterns and bad feelings. You also receive ongoing email and messenger support from me until our follow-up appointment. During the follow-up, we will both evaluate how you're feeling now and if you need an additional Rapid Transformation session.

If all of this sounds overwhelming or difficult, that's okay. The important thing to remember is that I'm trained and equipped to guide you. You'll be surprised at how easy and natural it feels. And even more so, you'll be thrilled at the amazing, transformational, life-changing results.

Have questions? Check out my FAQ or book up your free discovery call with me!