Ambitious Woman,


More energy, more time, more fulfillment. I know you want to wake up energized and excited. I know you want to stop wasting time on things that don’t matter.

And I know you're sick of feeling stuck.

Hi! I'm Mollie.

As a Breakthrough Coach and Transformation Specialist, I help my clients heal and recover from toxic work environments and step into their true purpose. Before working with me, my clients suffered from anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, insomnia, migraines, hormonal issues, physical pain (back aches are quite commonly triggered by unsupportive work environments)… the list goes on. All either caused or exacerbated by a toxic work environment.

I firmly believe that my clients deserve to live their best lives - the lives they have wanted for so long, but have always felt out of reach.

I take great pride in empowering my clients to have nothing but renewed confidence in themselves.
I'm so glad you're here because I can't wait to give the same to YOU. 

Maybe you're here because you feel stuck in a toxic job and don’t know what to do about it.
Maybe you’re here because you already left your toxic job but are having a hard time recovering from its negative effects on your mind and body.
Maybe your toxic job was some time ago, but you long to heal and step into your true purpose.

Maybe, like many of my clients (and even myself, before I discovered how to recover from my toxic job), you feel like you've tried EVERYTHING and nothing works

Whatever it is that's brought you here, you're here for a reason. It's time to trust that the universe has much bigger plans for you. Your healing journey starts NOW.

I’m here to help you heal from the mental and physical effects of your toxic job.


So that you can live the life you want and deserve, with nothing but renewed confidence in yourself. 

I’m here to bring you home to your true self. 

I’m here to help you finally let go of everything that’s been holding you back.

I'm here for you. And if you're ready to do the healing work, then I'm ready to guide you.

Work With Me

So, how exactly do I help you heal from your toxic work environment and step into your purpose? Great question!


To truly recover from your toxic job, you need three things.
Enter: My signature Toxic Job Recovery Formula.

The first thing you need is powerful subconscious work to eliminate negative self-beliefs and feelings (i.e. "nothing I do is good enough"). 

The second thing you need is true self-confidence and self-worth, so you feel absolutely certain about who you are, what you deserve, and what you want. Rock solid confidence that no toxic boss anywhere can shake!

Finally, you need to overcome the health issues that your toxic job either caused or made worse. No more debilitating anxiety, excruciating migraines, stomach aches, and restless nights (to only name a few!).

When you have all three of these things, you achieve Toxic Job Recovery.

And without these three things, you just might be stuck in the Toxic Job Cycle. 




If you:

m Want OUT of the toxic job cycle,
m Want to overcome the health issues you experience as a result of your toxic job
m And want to truly feel confident in yourself and worthy of deserving more, 

Then you just might be ready to work with me!





Imagine, right now, what your life would be like if you just let go of all of the baggage, burdens, and junk.


How amazing does it feel no longer suffering from debilitating anxiety? 

How incredible does it feel to be absolutely confident in yourself and finally trust yourself?

How liberating does it feel to be free from your toxic job and feel nothing but support?

All of these scenarios - and more - can happen for you. It's simply reality for my clients. 

And it happens all through powerful subconscious work during Rapid Transformation sessions with me.

How wonderful does it feel to know your life can be different in just a couple of months?

Because it WILL be.

That is, if you decide to work with me and absolutely commit yourself to the process. 

If you’re ready, then I’m ready. 

What My Clients Say

"I am really grateful for all of the work Mollie did.
I feel relief. Lots of relief.

I feel grateful. Just so grateful. 
Mollie is an angel on Earth.
Take the chance and let her help you.

-Kelsey M., California

"Mollie's technique is so on point that the root cause of my issues was clear in no time. Hours and hours of therapy never brought me the kind of clarity that Mollie gave me in two hours.
I highly recommend working with her!"

-Lynn D., New Jersey

"My session with Mollie was POWERFUL! She is absolutely gifted. She went to my core. 
I have worked with many other therapists and coaches and no one has gotten that deep before.
I really recommend working with her." 

-Lily L., California

d "I feel so much lighter" d "I feel free" d "I feel brand new" d 

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