Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? I've got answers! 
Can't find the answer to your question(s)? Shoot me an email or book your free consult to have your questions answered. 

is the free consult required prior to booking my session?

No, it’s not. It’s simply there for those who want to discuss working with me and ask any questions they have about the process. If you feel I’m the right fit, and you know you’re ready to do this, go ahead and book your first introductory call with me!

is there anything I need to do to prepare for the introductory call?

Yes. You will need to read, sign, and submit your liability waiver, your pre-session questionnaire, and your intake form BEFORE your introductory call. I will send these forms to you, along with other important details, prior to your appointment.

is there anything I need to do to prepare for my Rapid Transformational Therapy session?

Nope! We will cover everything during our introductory call, so when it comes time for your RTT session, you are all set and ready to go!

how is the work you do different from other therapies?

Marisa Peer developed RTT using the best and most successful methods of psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy, neuro linguistic programming, and neuroscience, while incorporating tools that she personally developed. The method is scientifically and clinically proven to be effective!
Unlike other therapies, you often do not need more than one to three sessions per issue (under certain circumstances, up to five sessions will be needed). RTT was developed to provide you with a powerfully beautiful transformation - quickly, safely, and effectively.
And, unlike other therapies, the focus is on what you want for yourself - not what you don't want. You have suffered long enough! There is no need to drag out the healing process. We got this!

how long is a session?

One RTT session is between 90-120 minutes. When you book your session, it will automatically book a two-hour block.
Our introductory session is thirty minutes long, as is any follow up session, coaching session, or additional support session. The strategy sessions are forty-five minutes long.

what does a Rapid Transformation session feel like?

It’s different for everyone! If you’ve ever done a guided meditation, then you are likely already familiar with listening to someone else’s voice as you relax and take everything in. That’s how our session will begin. Some people feel sleepy, but some people feel wide awake. Some people feel a floating sensation, some people feel a tingling sensation, some people feel no sensation at all. Everything is absolutely normal! You will feel relaxed, at ease, and have a clear mind. How you feel is not an indicator of how effective the session is. Regardless of how it feels for you, it is working.

can I get "stuck" in hypnosis?

No! You are always in control. You spend most of the session communicating with me. You are able to move your body, get a tissue, take a sip of water, or take a bathroom break if needed! If we get disconnected for any reason during the session, you’ll notice pretty quickly that you no longer hear my voice and will easily open your eyes.

what happens if our video call gets disconnected?

We will both try our best to reconnect, and if it still doesn’t work, we will reschedule for a time that suits us both.

what if I don't go "deep" enough?

Don’t worry about that! The depth that you feel while in the session is of no relevance to how effective the session is. Not only does it vary for person to person, but it will vary from session to session, too! One session you could feel very deep and extremely relaxed, and the next session you could feel more present and alert. Neither is wrong! The session and the methods are working no matter what. Don’t worry about not “feeling” the right way during the session, nor about not going “deep” enough. The session will absolutely work no matter how you feel. It’s scientifically proven and effective!

I'm pretty sure I already know the reason behind my issue. can you still help me?

The interesting thing is that even if you think you know the reason, MUCH more comes to light during a Rapid Transformation session than you have ever realized before! You will see events and situations from your past in a completely different perspective. It works because it changes the meaning that you attached to a situation or event when you were younger. During the session, we go back and explore certain scenes from your life and truly uncover the root cause and the reason for the issues you are presently experiencing. Most people realize their issue had absolutely nothing to do with what they originally thought was the cause. All you need to do is relax, trust yourself, and trust me to guide you through it!

what if something comes up that was extremely traumatizing or painful to experience?

I'm not going to lie to you - that can happen, but it’s important to remember that you are NOT reliving what happened to you. You are reviewing it with me, a certified RTT practitioner who is equipped and trained to handle this, in a completely safe environment. You will be fully supported through the entire session, no matter what comes up. I have been trained to deal with EVERYTHING that comes up, so you are in good hands and you are completely safe.

what if something comes up that I am not comfortable sharing with you?

That’s totally fine! It is your choice what you share with me. If you do not wish to share the details of something that comes up for you, that’s totally fine. All we will do is discuss the feelings that you felt when that specific thing happened. You will not need to reveal any details or situations that you are not comfortable with sharing. It’s also important to remember that everything you tell me is kept confidential and private. Your safety and security is of the utmost importance to me.

when will I begin to feel it working?

This is different for everyone! Some people notice a change right away - even during the session itself. This is called an immediate shift; you feel a change in your physiology, thoughts, and behaviors during the session or immediately following. Others notice incremental changes. This means that they see consistent shifts over a short period of time. And then there are some who experience change retroactively. This means that you don’t feel any different at first and then all of a sudden you realize how much your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors have changed and you notice how you are experiencing life completely differently! It’s also likely that you will experience a combination of these changes - feeling a shift during the session and consistently following, and then looking back and realizing just how far you’ve come. You WILL see, feel, and experience changes as a result of your commitment to both the session and continuing to listen to your personalized audio recording every day for a minimum of thirty days. As long as you want it and you commit to the process, it will happen!

how many sessions will I need?

Again, this is different for everyone! Each session is designed to provide you with a powerful, breakthrough experience. Most issues are resolved in one to three sessions, with some more advanced issues (like addictions, eating disorders, and PTSD) needing up to five sessions. For this reason, I offer three different session bundles, and have the ability to craft a unique experience that is specific to you. For those who need more than three sessions, we will work together to craft the experience that is right for you. Regardless of how many sessions you need, each will create life changing shifts for you.

is there anything I will need to do after my session?

Take it easy! Seriously. Rest, relax, and drink water. Immediately following your session, I will email you your personalized transformational recording that you will need to listen to for a minimum of thirty days. The recording embeds new and powerful beliefs into your mind for permanent and everlasting change. It is absolutely vital that you listen to your recording for a minimum of thirty days in order to experience complete transformation.
I will also send you a feedback/results form that will aid both of us in evaluating how the session went for you.

is it possible to receive support from you in between sessions?

Yes! Email and messenger support is included in ALL of my session bundles, for the duration of your program (30, 60, or 90 days).

what if I want to continue to receive support sessions from you after my bundle is completed?

That’s most certainly an option! During your follow up call, we will discuss how far you’ve come and what you still might need. If receiving continued and regular support from me will benefit you on your healing journey, then we will work out the details together. I’m here to support you!

do I have to have a Rapid Transformation session/bundle with you in order to book a strategy session?

Nope! My strategy sessions are open to anyone and everyone, whether you've had a Rapid Transformation session with me, are planning to have a Rapid Transformation session with me, or you're not.
Creating action- and results-oriented strategies to help my clients achieve their goals is something I excel at. If you feel like you know what you want to do, but don't know how to get there, then a strategy session is a beautiful option for you.
If you're interested and want to know more, book a free consult or shoot me an email. We can discuss the options together and design a plan based on your specific needs!

what is your refund/cancellation/rescheduling policy?

Since the scheduling of a session involves the reservation of time set aside especially for you, a minimum of 48 hours notice is required for rescheduling or cancellation of a session.
Refunds for introductory sessions, additional support sessions, and strategy sessions are only available a minimum of 48 hours before your session.
Refunds are not available if you have already had your introductory call with me.

what can you help me with?

-Addictions (drinking, smoking, drugs, gambling, compulsive behavior, foods (like sugar and caffiene), shopping, etc.)
-Axiety, Stress, Fears, Phobias, Panic Attacks, Guilt, and Relaxation
-Eating Problems, Food/Diet, Weight Concerns, Body Image Issues, Anorexia, Bulimia, Disordered Eating, Exercise
-Depression, Confidence, Self-Esteem, Motivation, Achieving Goals, Procrastination
-Career Issues, Interview Skills, Nerves, Public Speaking, Concentration, Exams, Memory, Driving Skills
-Sexual Problems, Fertility, IVF, Conception, Pregnancy, Birth
-Pain Control, Hearing, Sight/Vision, Mobility, Skin Problems, Hair Growth
-Relationship Problems, Childhood Problems, Sleep Problems, Financial Stress
If you don't see your specific issue on this list, please reach out to me!

how will I feel after a session?

At the end of the session, I always ask my clients how they feel.
Here are the most common responses:
-I feel liberated
-I feel powerful and at ease
-I feel so calm and relaxed
-I feel so much lighter
-It's like a weight has been lifted
-I feel like I trust myself now
-I feel free
-I feel brand new
-I feel releif
-I feel so grateful

can I work with you even if I haven't had a toxic job?

yes, of course! If you're suffering and want my help, book a session!