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If you...

  • feel like your job has either caused or worsened:m 
    anxiety, depression, migraines, PTSD, hormonal issues, insomnia, stress, relationship issues, unresolved childhood problems, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, body image issues, chronic fatigue, burn-out, feeling unfulfilled, and/or lack of motivation

  • feel stuck and don't know how to fix itm 

  • are ready to heal from your past and step in to your purposem 

...and you desire to feel...

 m a radical shift in how you think, feel, and behave

 m a massive breakthrough on your healing journey, freeing you from your past

 m supported, understood, safe, and guided

 m powerful and in control of your life

 m liberated, transformed, refreshed, relieved, like a weight has been lifted



 Let's work together! 

My services are 100% online and available globally.

What My Clients Say

”My session with Mollie was absolutely amazing.
I feel lighter. I feel full of energy.


I can't stop smiling! I feel free.  

Mollie is clearly an absolute natural.

I could feel that she was using her intuition to guide the session and I felt very supported the entire time. 


She didn't back down from exploring painful scenes and beliefs and it was ultimately incredibly helpful and what I really needed.

I held the painful belief that I am not worthy of life and if
I am not worthy to even be here then how can I deserve anything?

That belief is GONE. It felt like a cage and now that cage is GONE.

I feel free.
I can't believe how happy I am.

I would have never been able to put any of this together myself.

I am absolutely grateful."


”Before my session with Mollie, I had worked in a toxic work environment. Even though I finished that job, it still affected me and I felt a lot of tension, anxiety, and stress. I would have panic attacks in the morning, even though I don't have that job anymore.


I lost a lot of weight due to the stress and anxiety that my old job caused. Sometimes it was hard to get out of bed.


It felt like my body still thought I'm at my old job.


I also lacked the confidence I needed to express my concerns to my boss.


After my session with Mollie, oh my god I feel so amazing.

I was feeling down all the days before my sesion and ever since the session, I now feel so light and free.


I would have never been able to connect how my past was still affecting me without Mollie's help.


She is amazing. She guided me and it felt very easy and natural and safe. I'm so happy and feel like I can't stop smiling!


I'm so grateful and so, so thankful. "

”I had the most freeing and exhilarating experience [with Mollie].


The most powerful and clear words came to me: I matter.


The shift that happened in that moment was huge - liberating, blissful, and so exciting.




Ever since the big shift, I have been sitting with this revelation of 'I matter,' especially during my daily meditation. It is so interesting how my mind is hesitant but my whole body shouts 'it's true!' The mind is starting to become familiar with this new knowing. and that's an amazing experience in and of itself.


Every time I now say to myself, 'I matter,' I get this exciting tingling feeling in my chest and this knowing spreads through me! It's incredible!


What feels especially different for me is the 'I matter' when it comes to my work and what I'm creating for and with my clients.


This incessant rush and neediness to find the perfect offering (in my ego-identified head) before I do anything (with the frustration that inevitably ensues), is GONE.


Thank you so much. From the bottom of my heart.

For helping me find this path and for supporting me.

You have given me the most precious gift."


”My session with Mollie was POWERFUL.

She is absolutely gifted. She went to my core.


I have worked with several other therapists and coaches and no one has gotten that deep before.

I am a tough nut to crack but Mollie spoke with such ease.

She is beyond insightful.


I never realized how my past was affecting me, but as she said it,

I felt it deep in my core.

It was amazing. She absolutely smashed it."


”I've had high blood pressure for about ten years.


After my session with Mollie, my blood pressure went down to a normal, healthy level AND has stayed down.


It seems obvious now, but I never realized how all of the emotional baggage I was carrying around was affecting my physical body.


I feel SO much better mentally and physically after only

one session with Mollie."


How to Work With Me

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”Mollie bestowed upon me a truly amazing session with incredible insights, wisdom & support.


Her voice is so soothing & her technique got me into a DEEP relaxation where I felt completely safe & supported to share some of my deepest feelings & memories - which led to a huge breakthrough, all guided & facilitated by her immense talent.


I came out of the session feeling so positive, refreshed & ready to take on the world!


Every day that I listen to her recording I feel my past limiting beliefs being eradicated from my life & being replaced with immense optimism, motivation & self-worth that propels me to live my very best life.


Thank you forever Mollie!"


”Before my session with Mollie, I had panic attacks, felt extremely stressed, and dealt with insomnia, all as effects of the toxic job

I recently left. 


During my session with Mollie, I felt a huge shift.


Now, I feel really good, positive, light, and free.


Honestly... I feel like a different person."


”I felt a huge shift during my session with Mollie.


She really dug into the nitty gritty so quickly.


After she asked only a few questions,

I felt like she really understands me.


I was like, 'wait, how is this happening so quickly?!


How do you already understand me so well?!


From the bottom of my heart, I recommend working with her."


”I have absolute gratitude for Mollie.


Her session had a profound impact on me.


It was so great and I was so surprised at what came up.


I cried, I laughed, and now I am smiling ear to ear so much that my cheeks hurt! I feel absolutely amazing and I am so thankful.


Everyone should have sessions with her.

I feel so light and so relieved.

Mollie has a really soothing presence that will make you feel safe.

I'm so thankful."



on taking the first step of your healing journey.
I am so proud of you.